Founded in 1992, COMPLAN Engineering, Computer and Design Limited Company was established by engineers with many decades of combined experience in the area of Statics and CAD.

The founders’ undeniable merit was the early recognition of computer technology being inevitable in engineering. In this spirit, we always endeavored to use the most suitable program for computer aided design.

Already in the 90’s our company has been using Xsteel version 5.4, the actual market leader software at that time. Please find an interesting snapshot from 1999 at References. Our main profile is to deliver various, high-quality design of steel structures, utilizing the most up to date version of Tekla software.

In 2012 we successfully competed for an EU tender announced  in the article of EMVA for the sake of micro-enterprises development. In this context a computing background expansion and the purchase of the latest version of Tekla license have been accomplished.

As a result of our efforts we are capable of meeting challenges of increasing orders. With the aim of our well founded partnership network our design capacity can be flexibly expanded.

Thank you for your kind interest.

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